The Tales Quartet is a Verse of blogs written in the Willow Mythos by ZacksQuest.

Blogs in the Tales QuartetEdit

There are a total of four blogs in the Tales Quartet, with no companion blogs. The blogs never keep the same protagonist, but the blog is still always a direct sequel to the previous blog, with either the original main character getting killed, turned into a Servant of some kind, or by other means.

  • The Branches Take
  • The Miller's Tale (TBA)
  • People Who Will Not Be Slaves Again (TBA)
  • The Dawn of a New Tomorrow (TBA)

Interpretations of BeingsEdit

There are a total of 15 beings in the Tales Quartet: The Slender Man, eight of The Altered, and six Fears.

  • The Slender Man is considered omnipresent and the most powerful of all eldritch beings, but it becomes weaker the more Altereds it makes. The Slender Man is seen as the most active and directly powerful of all the Fears in the Verse, but even as the most prominent in enjoys playing the role of chess master and being the being behind the curtain.
  • The Altereds are considered the children of The Slender Man and are believed to be The Slender Man's idea of a legacy in case The Slender Man is actually destroyed. There are a very small number of Altered in the Tales Quartet- while The Slender Man may still be making Altereds, the only Altereds at all in the Tales Quartet are:
  • The Fears are beings created at the exact same time as The Slender Man and are believed to be his brothers and sisters. They have the same power that The Slender Man does, but they cannot create Altered Servants of their own. The Fears are in the Tales Quartet minimally, and are considered to be eldritch constants in time and space holding meetings at the center of the universe, with The Slender Man being the most active of them all. The number of Fears is drastically shortened down to:
    • The Blind Man
    • The Dying Man
    • The Plague Doctor
    • The Choir
    • The Cold Boy
    • The Wooden Girl

Sentimentals, SCPs, Lepers, Holders, The Seed Eater, Zalgo, and various cryptids and urban legends do not exist in this universe, but are used as guises for the actually existing beings. The Hook Man (The Smiling Man), The Black Abbot (The Archangel) and Bloody Mary (The Mother of Snakes) are sometimes mentioned in reports or ideas and may or may not have existed previously as Fears, but are now either nonexistent or dormant.