The Keeper of Sands
Keeper of sand
Servants Unknown
First Appearance Miller's Tale
The Keeper of Sands is an Altered that appears in the blog The Miller's Tale.


The Keeper of Sands true form appears as a mummified, rotting corpse with two bloodshot eyes with crimson irises. Its ribcage is exposed and its jaw is completely missing. However, it covers up the corpse form with a suit and mask made of sand. The mask of the Keeper of Sands is malleable and it can change it to any shape or form. Its sandy armor is incredibly difficult to break but the mask is fairly easy to shatter.


It has a penchant for eyes, as many of its abilities depend on the use of eyeballs for some reason. This odd personality trait might also be a result of it being terrified of having its eyes being gouged out because various other Afflicted's eyeballs are torn out by their creators.


The Keeper of Sands has the following abilities:

  • Can change its sand mask to any face.
  • Incredibly strong sand armor.
  • Can age a man to dust, but this requires an eyeball to work.
  • Can revert a man to nothing, but this requires an eyeball to work.
  • It can manipulate the time of an environment, but this requires a large number of eyeballs to work.
  • Its presence causes nightmares and insomnia, which make it easier for it to take eyes.