The Handed One
Servants Unknown
First Appearance In The Dark Shadows
The Handed One (also sometimes called the Centipede) is an Altered that first appeared in the blog In The Dark Shadows.


The Handed One is a humanoid-looking creature with an elongated body and hundreds of spindly limbs, each of which terminates in a human-like hand. These limbs are used for grabbing, gripping, climbing, and movement. Its head has long, shaggy red or brown hair, and its face consists of a single drooling, enormous mouth with thousands of rows of sharp teeth set into it. These teeth hook backwards towards its maw to aid in keeping prey from escaping, and the jaw can unhinge to handle unweildy or larger prey. It tends to move slowly.


The Handed One is rather shy and does not tend to approach humans unless it is attacked, or is hungry. Once provoked it will chase its victim until it can devour them. Thanks to its many limbs, it can handle treacherous terrain and is extremely adept at climbing. It generally consumes its victims whole, much like a snake would. With each victim swallowed it gains a new segment and pair of hands.


Its abilities are currently unknown at this time.