The Gate Keeper
Servants Reapers
First Appearance Across the black seas of infinity

The Gate Keeper is an Altered that that debuted in the blog Across the black seas of infinity.

He still works for the Slenderman and his main responsibility as a proxy is to watch over The Path of Black Leaves and to prevent any assassination attempts on the Slender Man. As a result of his postion of power, he is able to command the creatures within The Path of Black Leaves to a degree and is highly respected by normal proxies.


He is an extremely tall man, has no eyes due to Slenderman removing them in the process of him becoming an Altered, and he is always seen wearing a black robe that covers up his entire body. This combined with the fact that he carries a scythe as his primary weapon, has led to many proxies  nicknaming him The Grim Reaper.

In order to prevent people from panicking over him in public, he changes his apperance to through an ability he calls "Illusion Forms" which allows him to look more human. However there are certain things he can never change about his appearance like his empty eye sockets. As such he is forced to wear sunglasses to prevent suspicion.