The Doll
Servants Mannequins, Porcelain Golems
First Appearance In The Dark Shadows (Mentioned)

The Branches Take (Appearance)

The Doll is an Altered that debuted in the blog In The Dark Shadows.


The Doll most commonly appears as a humanoid figure in a black jumpsuit walking on four sharp, porcelain stilts. Its face resembles that of a porcelain baby doll or china figure. The eyes, however, are distinctly empty voids. Its body is made of a porcelain-like substance that is extremely difficult to break. It sometimes appears with multiple sharp, jutting limbs made of porcelain shards.


The Doll is aggressive and attacks humans for the sadistic pleasure of hearing them scream in pain. It commonly attacks children, particularly little girls. During an attack, a victim may hear it seem to giggle like a happy baby or small child, as if enjoying the pain it is inflicting. Victims are left with numerous shallow cuts all over the body that painfully burn and sting until they slowly heal, at which time it often returns to attack the victim again. This process repeats itself until the Doll bores of it, or the victim commits suicide to escape the pain.


The Doll has a myriad of servants that go by many names, but almost all of them hold a doll-like appearance, almost always made of or coated in porcelain. The most common Servants for her are Mannequins, but the umbrella term for all her creations are Porcelain Golems. Types of Porcelain Golems include:

  • The Mannequins- Former victims coated in the flexible, unbreakable substance. They usually crawl around on the ground, on walls or on ceilings. Aside from this, they have no uncanny abilities besides above-average agility and flexibility. It is assumed they are in constant pain but are for some reason unable to die.
  • The Babushka- Three porcelain golems forced to be ingested by the other, perhaps more, by some eldritch means. Either they jump painfully out of the first golem's mouth or they crawl their way out if the first golem is too badly damaged.
  • Baby Dolls- Infants the Doll has taken, mentally tortured and coated in porcelain. They appear as normal toy baby dolls, but are deadly, fast, and can jump higher and run faster than some adult humans.
  • Talking Dolls- One of the few non-porcelain Doll variants. The voice box is placed in the doll and it, by the Doll's command, can say horrible things, spread rumors, or cause people to believe they are becoming insane.


The Doll has the following abilities:

  • Can grow many sharp, shard-like limbs for using in cutting
  • Uncanny flexibility
  • Uncanny agility

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