The Dogskull is an Altered that first appears in the blog In The Dark Shadows.


The Dogskull appears as the huge, rotting, and charred carcass of an enormous dog or wolf. His head consists only of a canine skull with sharp teeth, steam for breath, and glowing embers in the eyesockets, hence his name. His ribcage is exposed, revealing charred organs and a white-hot fire where his heart would be located. He wears only a tattered and shredded black cloak, and his claws are sharp enough to slice through steel.


The Dogskull was created from a human being that, instead of becoming obediant towards the Slenderman, allowed his hatred of his captor to consume him alive. As such, the Dogskull has a thorough hatred for anyone and anything other than himself, especially humans. He commonly rends his victims to pieces, usually by tearing out the throat and organs. He does not seem to have a reason besides blind hatred of mankind for doing so. He doesn't particularly like other Altereds, but he will work with them if the need arises.


The Dogskull has the following abilities:

  • Ablity to spit fire
  • Uncanny strength
  • Uncanny agility