The Afflicted, are the beings that The Abstracts corrupted into monsters, either mistakenly or purposefully. These creatures were once human beings, and quite often retain a good deal of their human intellect and emotions even if they exhibit monstrous behavior. The altercations are different for each person and cause the person to become a humanoid abomination, sometimes causing their humanity to be removed in the process. As such, they are much stronger than a human being is, and much more dangerous.

The Affllicted have varying degrees of power, and may or may not human servents, while others prefer to work on their own. Some of them have escaped from their Absrtact's hold (if once servents to it), or are outright hiding from them. Their basic interaction with the Abstracts and other Affllicted depend on the Afflicted - some coexist with some (or all) of these parties rather neutrally, while others are bitter enemies. Similarly, some Afflicted view humans as prey, some view them as relatively neutral, and still others view them as potential servants.

Unless stated so in the forum's open source characters thread, the Afflicted on this list are not open source.

Known AlteredEdit

Name First Appearance Servents Altered Proxy? Rebelling Afflicted? Open Source?
Adam Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown No
Cloudy Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Yes
Epsilon "A closed mouth tells no tales" None Unknown No No
Exa Walking, Never Back Exists No Yes Yes
Omen God's Wife Unknown No Maybe Yes
Molten Weeper God's Wife Unknown No No Yes
Mr. Mite Across the black seas of infinity Unknown Unknown Yes Yes
Socky The owl running through the clouds Unknown Yes No (AU versions only)
The Charred One

Urban Legends

Unknown Unknown Unknown Yes
The Controller The Control of Life Unknown Unknown Unknown Yes
The Dogskull In The Dark Shadows None No Yes No
The Doll In The Dark Shadows Mannequins, Porcelain Golems Yes Yes Yes
The Egg When Angels Cry Shells No No Yes
The Fleshangel In The Dark Shadows Unknown Unknown Unknown Yes
The Gate Keeper Across the black seas of infinity Reapers Yes No Yes
The Handed One In The Dark Shadows Unknown Unknown Unknown Yes
The Keeper of Sands The Miller's Tale Unknown Yes Yes No
The Seal AnotherYear Unknown No No Yes
The Seer(ess?) Hello, I've Been Expecting You None No Unknown Yes
The Simulated Simulated Clouds Unknown Unknown Unknown Yes
The Weeping Willow Corvidaek Melancholies No Yes


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