180px-Socky by kenichi dapuppy

Socky (Or Sock Face) is a prototype Altered that first appears in the Fear Mythos blog, The owl running through the clouds.


Socky was made by the Slender man in an attempt to make better proxies. He was the first to survive Slenderman's experiments but is not a full Altered and is considered by many to be a prototype Altered. This means he is less powerful than other altered but still stronger than a regular proxy.

He is regularly seen commanding several normal proxies.


He looks like a fake Slender man. A tall human but not Slender man tall, in a business suit and red tie. Black shoes and gloves. 3-4 black tentacles sprouting from his back. To look more like his master he has a white sock pulled over his head (hence the name socky).

Through this sock you can vaguely see his face but not really. With only black stains where his eyes should be, like bloodstains but not. It is very likely that these black stains are actually from Azoth.


  • Access to the Path of Black Leaves
  • Tentacles that can stretch and attack targets. It can use these to move around too.
  • Improved strength (Can break through medium sized walls.)