Slenderman bloody dreams by barongraphics-d5nix73

Slender Man is a being of the Slenderman Mythos and the Fear Mythos as well as We The Afflicted.

Slender Man appears as a humanoid entity in a business suit and often has tentacles or branches protruding out from his back or shoulders. The Slender Man's most common target is children or adults who saw him as a child. He is usually seen having extremely long arms, sometimes multiple ones similar to a spider. Slender Man is most commonly seen as faceless, although the original stories have him as having a different face to any person who saw him. Originally the only time he was faceless was when photographed or caught on tape. The Slender Man may also cause distortion in video cameras or audio recorders.

Slender Man's servants are called proxies. Proxies have varying ranks, such as "Hollowed" or "Agents." Slender Man is the one who of the many Higher Beings that created The Altered in an attempt to create better and stronger servants.