AnotherYear is an alternate reality game set in the Willow Mythos about a group of former servants of the Altered that are attempting to defeat their oppressors and the the Sentimentals who are assisting them. 

Plot SynopsisEdit

One day during a rather normal day, a mysterious person known as Eva Najaro invites DarkShadows, Pandora, NoFourthWall, ZacksQuest, Soul-Eating Bunny, and Brahian to a skype chat asking for help. The following conversation between her and the Willow Mythos members leads to them discussing Eva's current predicament.

She explains that she is a 29-year-old Melancholy who lost her arm to The Fleshangel and that she needed help in a mission given to by her master, the Weeping Willow, who wants us to recover five of her friends. She gives the name of three of them: Lilian Wonderfield, Frank Jones, and Jessica Yale, people being hunted by the other Altered.

Eva then proceeds to drop two bombshells onto her new allies. She's doing this so she can revert the Altered back to human form and revealed that she's already done this to The Egg, who is now a girl named Melissa. Eva eventually gives her allies Lilian's Twitter and another chat revealed she was kidnapped and stuck in Toronto.

A girl named Neva then took over Eva's Skype account, revealing herself to be a Sentimental (more specifically the Sentimental of jealousy). Neva expresses her sadness and distrust for Eva and reveals that it is very possible that Eva snapped when she became a Melancholy and decided to humanify the Altered in a bout of revenge. She then mentions that there is the possibility of that not being true and that Eva has an ulterior motive.

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